Newsletter Adventure

Christine Trac

I wrote a drunk email. Now I'm an email marketing manager. Every Tuesday and Friday, I share wacky stories and insights from working with 7+ figure brands. Come join the wild adventure.

My embarrassing newsletter story

If you want great inspiration for newsletters, Newsletter Adventure is my all-time favourite. It’s so incredibly candid yet informative.

Jannis Fedoruk-Betschki

Christine is a gutsy, up-and-coming copywriter, bold and brutally honest with her readers about her successes and failure.

Dave Kimbell

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Howdy, I'm Christine 👋

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I’m a strength coach turned email copywriter and marketer. I've written copy for 30 companies over the past two years and managed five 7+ figure brands' in email marketing.

I created Newsletter Adventure to document my journey so you don’t feel alone. I promise to be 113% transparent and willing to share both my success and mistakes.

Tap into my nugget brain twice a week where I share my experience and discoveries while working with 7+ figure brands, email marketing strategies with lists as big as 1.2 million subscribers, and business mistakes to avoid (I make a lot of them and wasted hundreds of hours and 10,000s of buckaroos).

All while sharing wacky stories along the way. Come join the wild expedition!

Newsletter Adventure

Let's take your inbox on an adventure

Every Tuesday & Friday, I send 1 minute quirky personality driven emails to share my journey so you don't make the same email and business mistakes.

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