2 broke girls taught me how to build in public

Have you watched the show, 2 Broke Girls? I share how this comedic sitcom taught me how to build my email marketing business in public.

I just watched the best build in public show ever.

Has anyone watched 2 Broke Girls?!

The comedic show is about two broke girls in their 20s trying to build a cupcake business together. I find the show relatable because I'm also in my mid-20s trying to build a business.

(Warning, this show aired in 2011 to 2017. Some of the jokes wouldn’t be socially acceptable today. But the other jokes had me falling to the ground laughing so hard.)

2 Broke Girls has turned me into a raving fan because of how the show allows the viewers to watch the characters build their business in public.

You see the highs and lows of the girls building their business. Like how they go bankrupt to being featured in Martha Stewart's magazine to going broke again to owning a successful dessert bar.

You get to be a fly on the wall and observe the decisions they make like building a website to get clients and thinking they need $250,000 to start a business.

As creators, we know you don’t need those to build a business. 😉 But this show helps you question and confirm your beliefs of running your own business.

Similar to how creators on Twitter are updating their MRR in their bios, the show does something similar with updates on the girls trying to reach $250,000 to start a business. At the end of each episode, you see the progress (or regression) towards them reaching their financial goal such as "current total: $655".

2 Broke Girls is a reminder to share the progress of your next product/service with your potential customers.

They want to be part of the journey and not just the end destination. Turn those people into raving fans like how 2 Broke Girls turned me into a super fan. 🤩


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