I wrote a drunk email and landed a writing job...

I took the advice, "write drunk, edit sober" literally and made a career change from strength coach to copywriter. I share my exact drunk email inside.

Let's travel back in time to December 4, 2020.

I was at home drinking beer and going through emails. I came across an email with the subject line, 'What IS copywriting?' from The Wizard of Wordcraft.

I read the email at least 13x. I was captivated by his journey from fitness coach to (copy)writer. The thought of earning $$$ solely from writing sounded absurd to me.

Maybe it was the boldness from drinking the beer but I decided to reply to the email and introduce myself. Here is what Drunk Christine wrote:

A few hours later, the wizard responded and asked me if I'd like to join his team of wizards and be a (copy)writer.

(Quick recap... I wrote this email drunk and told this guy I suck at writing... Yet he wants me to join his team as a writer?!? I'm still trying to understand this)

After sobering up, I responded with "I'm all in!".

Fast forward to today, I'm working as a full-time (copy)writer and living my dream life. Also, working on building a side project with the guidance of an incredibly supportive boss.

The moral of the story, don't be afraid to reach out. You never know what opportunities are out there. And maybe have a beer to shake off some doubts.


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